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Practice. Teach. Grow.

We are a home for practitioners of ashtanga yoga, an academy for students of yoga, and a support network for teachers of yoga.

We Flipped The Studio to Get back to our roots

Authentic traditions, Modern approaches

Functional Ashtanga Yoga Academy

Over 40+ online courses covering: functional movement, meditation, and mindset.

On-Demand Studio Classes

Pre-recorded classes for all levels: foundations, workshops, and mediations.

Live Posture Clinics

Live classes to deep dive into the exploration of yoga poses. Full of skills, drills, and functional range conditioning principles.

Discussion Forums

a place to meet and connect with other practitioners

Mysore Style Ashtanga Yoga

Receive instruction and assistance while working at your own pace.

Daily Self Practice Group

practice in community, in your own way, at your own time.

Work with an Authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

Our founder, Michael Joel Hall is a level 2 authorized Ashtanga Yoga teacher.

1-on-1 Coaching

Book time in 15, 30, and hour long sessions!

Group Trainings

Courses taught start to finish with regular check-ins for those that like to learn in a more structured

Our Blog, Studio Classes, and Meditation

Studio Video Library

on Demand

Live Events

Classes, Courses and DISCUSSIONS
Half and Half

Half and Half

January 19, 2021
Mysore Style Ashtanga Yoga

Mysore Style Ashtanga Yoga

January 20, 2021
Functional Flow

Functional Flow

January 22, 2021
The Functional Ashtanga Yoga


Education and Support for Practitioners and Professionals
Functional Ashtanga Yoga

Training Curriculums

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250 Hour Foundations Course

Deepen your understanding of the yoga humanities, human anatomy and movement, and developing a life-long practice.

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500 Hour Functional Ashtanga Yoga Training

Prepare yourself for the real world by learning how to take yourself into a training mode for personal and professional development.

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700 Hour Apprenticeship

Learning how to teach yoga requires a deep commitment to personal practice, an understanding of the history and scope of practice, and real vocational training.

This is where you get that support.

Functional Ashtanga

Get started. Get supported.

Studio Membership
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Access to our Studio Classes and Community Center!
Live and Pre-Recorded Studio Classes
Deep Support, including Inspiration, Philosophy, and Practice Techniques
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Community Forums and Discussions!
Academy Membership
1 week for $10 then $100 / Month
Access to the Academy, with 40+ Courses and Studio Classes!
Everything in the Practitioner's Membership.
Private Academy Forums to get Community Support and Feedback
Take the course at your own time and pace
Live Course Reviews and Discussions!
All Access Mentorship Membership
$200 / Month
Studio, Mysore, and the Academy
Everything in the Academy and the Practitioner's Membership.
Feedback and Guidance from Level 2 Authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, Michael Joel Hall
Weekly Mysore-Style Ashtanga Yoga Classes
Professional Support for Yoga Teachers
Deep Discounts on 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Ashtanga?

Ashtanga Yoga is a highly effective system of yoga originating in Mysore, India. It's straightforward design and emphasis on skill competency allows for individual development not often found in commercial yoga.

The straightforward nature of the sequence makes it easy to adapt for your own needs: whether it be preha, rehab, or training.

Practitioners learn the easy-to-follow sequenceWe teach practitioners the sequence to create and manage a sequence designed specifically for them


What is Functional Range Conditioning?

Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®) utilizes the latest advancements in scientific knowledge, combined with tried and tested training methods to increase ones active, useable ranges of motion by simultaneously improving articular mobility, strength/resilience, and neurological control. In essence, this invaluable, and innovative training system improves the ability to control, and move ones own body.


What about live classes?

On top of our pre-recorded studio-style class videos, we also offer monthly posture clinics on rotating posture categories.


How are You Different?

We offer a flipped classroom mode for teaching Ashtanga Yoga and Functional Movementl that is learner-focused.

Instead of teaching everyone the same thing at the same time, we leverage pre-recorded classes, tutorials, and readings. These self-paced courses encourage competeny and autonomy.


What is Mysore Style Ashtanga Yoga?

The flipped classroom/mastery model isn't new. It's how Ashtanga yoga was originally taught-- and its how we continue to teach it today.

Practitioners are responsibile for memorizing a sequence so that they can practice autonomously. With that foundation, students can come into a space and practice at their own pace and in their own way, receiving assistance and feedback from an expert teacher.



One big advantage of a physical space is community– you get to see your friends!

At Functional Ashtanga, we have a social sharing environment that lets you share your wins, lament the struggles, and meet new people– all with ease. 

One of the key elements in developing a meaningful relationship with practice is community– and we want you to join.



Our studio model is built to support you.

Become the most competent and confident practitioner you can be. 

Now you have a place to find answers and ask questions. 

Functional Ashtanga Yoga

Our Memberships

The Monthly membership is design 

Watch whenever. 

Stick around and chat in our community foru

Want more? Get a membership to our monthly mentorship miniseries– a new topic each month, an exclusive forum for members, and a live Q & A.

Mentorship and Mysore
Personalized Yoga Program